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Carbon Fiber Packing

Carbon Fiber Packing




Carbon fiber packing with graphite is woven of strong carbon fiber after softening treatment and impregnation with a mixture latex of fine graphite powder, PTFE dispersion and lubricant. It is chemical resistant, heat conductive and with high strength, so this item is widely used with revolving and reciprocating pumps in which chemical corrosive media and particle grains exist. The successful test result in application of high pressure ammonium and luiquid ammonia pumps proved it’s the best sealing material for high pressure a, high temperature and corrosion.

Application conditions:
1) Max. working temperature:-200°C ~ +650°C (STEAM)
-200°C ~ +565°C (ATMOSPHERE)
2)Max. working pressure:5 Mpa(rotary pump)
Max. working pressure:15Mpa(reciprocating pump)
Max. working pressure:25Mpa(valve)
3)PH value: 0-14
4)Linear speed: 0-20M/S(rotary pump)
Linear speed: 0-2M/S(reciprocating pump)
Linear speed: 0-2M/S(valve)
5) Cross Section: 1/8″ ~ 3″(3X3-75X75mm)
6) Density: 1.35 ~ 1.45g/cc
Regular package: 5 or 10kg/roll