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Graphite Packing With Carbon Fiber

Graphite Packing With Carbon Fiber




Graphite gland packing with carbon fiber corner is braided from expanded graphite yarn,which can withstand high temperature and carbon fiber with superior corrosion resistance. The carbon fiber in four corners provides higher resistance to extrusion and attrition. This packing can effectively avoid leakage, especially suitable in application of power station valve with high temperature and pressure.

Application conditions:
1) Working temperature: – 200°C ~ 650°C (STEAM)
-200 ~ 565 (ATMOSPHERE)
2)Max. working pressure:35Mpa
(can only be used in valve and other static sealing condition)
3)PH value: 0-14
4)Linear speed: 0-2M/S(valve)
5) Cross Section: 1/4″ ~ 1-1/2″(6X6-38X38mm)
6) Density: 1.10 ~ 1.20g/cc