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Style 165: Ceramic

Style 165: Ceramic



A Non-Asbestos Braided Packing manufactured from a special grade of Alumina Silica Ceramic Fibre having superior insulating property suitable for a wide variety of industrial applications. This has excellent resistance to thermal shock flame corrosion greater compression resistance. The packing has very good resiliency even at high temperature, chemically stable, low thermal conductivity are just some of the properties of this material.

Service : This is a very efficient packing for insulating applications in coke ovens, door joints of steel plants, refractory backup to reduce heat loss and prolongs refractory life, prevents fume emission on exhaust collection system, blast furance application, pertoleum and petrochemical industries flue gas duct applications of thermal power stations, ship and ship building industries, expansion joints, a fire retardant in nuclear power plant and chemical industries manufactured in round or square section.


Temperature 1250°C
  1. 6 mm to 10 mm in coils of 2.5kgs.
  2. 12 mm to 25 mm in coils of 5kgs.
  3. Above 25 mm in coils of 10kgs.
  4. Not recommended for phospheric acid and hot concentrated alkalies.