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Style 2222 : Aqua Special

Style 2222 : Aqua Special



This packing is specially constructed from fine quality long tough abrasion resistant vegetable fibre yarn. During the process of manufacture, each strand is impregnated with non-graphite lubricant to enhance the antifriction property.

Service:The special design of solid plait having medium density and good flexibility enables to withstand high pressure and temperature for all hydraulic uses in pumps, water wheel, shafts, sea water, river water and STERN GLANDS.


Temperature 130°C
Pressure upto 200 Bar
PH 6 – 8
  1. Sizes 3 mm to 10 mm is supplied in spools of 6 mtrs.
  2. 11 mm and 12.5 mm in coils of 3 mtrs.
  3. above 12.5 mm in Boxes/Kgs.
  4. Also can be supplied in accurate cut rings.