Composite Aramid Fiber Packing


Product Description

Composite aramid fiber packing is made from imported aramid short fiber which is twisted in advanced technology and impregnate with PTFE latex and high-temperature lubricated, it’s softer than common aramid fiber packing and has more content of PTFE and lubricant to make sure its fibers closer to each other to supply high lubricant and low abrasion of shaft,especially suitable for reciprocating pumps with small grains, high pressure and high line speed.
Application conditions:
1) Working temperature: -100°C  –  +260°C
2)  Max. working pressure:5Mpa(rotary pump)
Max. working pressure:10Mpa(reciprocating pump)
Max. working pressure:20Mpa(valve)
3)PH value: 2-12
4) Linear speed: 15M/S(rotary pump)
Linear speed: 2M/S(reciprocating pump)
Linear speed: 2M/S(valve)
5) Cross Section: 1/8″ ~ 3″(3X3-75X75mm)
6) Density: 1.50 ~ 1.65g/cc