Perfect Packing And Seals





Material description:

Grafoil® is made of 100% natural graphite, which is treated with acids and high temperature according to a specially developed process. The result is expanded graphite, which after calendering, becomes a soft and flexible foil that is used for manufacturing gaskets. Grafoil® contains no binders or other additives, but is a pure carbon product in the form of graphite.


Thanks to its unique properties, Grafoil® is ideal as a packing material for valves, pumps and agitators. Can be used for more or less all media such as water, steam, acids, alkalis, petroleum products, solvents and gases, but not for strongly oxidising acids such as sulphuric acid and nitric acid in combination with high temperature plus chromium solutions and hot permanganate. We do not recommend graphite in combination with sea water and stainless steel. Abrasive media and equipped with large shaft runout should be avoided.


Permanent elasticity, does not harden at high temperature, does not dry, does not shrink. Stable volume, practically no compression set in heat. Fireproof, meets requirements as per API 607. Self-lubricating, low friction. Extremely good thermal conductivity. Broad medium resistance range. Very good sealing capability, hence low emissions. BAM-approved for oxygen and liquid oxygen*. Good resistance to radioactive media. Unlimited service life results in unsurpassed economy. Extremely low chloride content minimises the risk of corrosion of stainless steel. No corrosion inhibitor is needed.

Technical data:

Temperature limit: -200°C to +550°C in air max. +2500°C in non oxidising atmosphere max. +200°C in oxygen, pH range: 0-14 Graphite content: min. 98.0% industrial quality min. 99.5% nuclear power quality Max. content of leachable chlorides: 50 ppm Max. sulphur content: 550 ppm Max. surface speed: 25 m/s Max. pressure: 60 bar in pumps 700 bar in waves