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PTFE Flex-O-Seal Universal Joint

PTFE Flex-O-Seal Universal Joint



Flex-O-Seal is a unique sealing material manufactured from special grade of expanded 100% pure PTFE by transforming the fibrous structure by means of a special process. Though very tough, it is spongy and suited to almost all flanges, covers and narrow cavities. Its special soft and flexible character enables it to be the most ideal seal under pressure without significant cold flow even on irregular, badly damaged or corroded flange surfaces. Once bolted this gasket rarely need to be retorqued.

Properties: FLEX-O-SEAL recommended temperature-240°C, to 310°C, PH Range 0-14 No deterioration due to stocking for long time. Resistant to high pressure, non-toxic.
Not recommended for use against elemental fluorine, alkali metals and strong oxidising agents.

FLEX-O-SEAL is safely used in petroleum refinering companies even in their offshore operations, corrosive chemical processing, food processing, paper mill, marine installation, for glass lined or fibre glass reinforced vessels and tank lid sealing, manhole covers, vent pipes, heat exchangers, pumps or compressors housing flanges, valves and many more industrial applications where conventional pre-cut gaskets are not readily available or unsuitable.


  • The sealing surface must be clean, free from grease and dry to enable the gasket to stick properly.
  • The width of the joint gasket is to be determined by the nominal diameter or type of flange. Selection of a tentative size of joint gasket would be approx, 1/3rd flange contact width inside the bolt hole e.g., 7 mm gasket joint to suit a 20 mm flange width.
  • Remove the protective foil from the adhesive joint gasket to allow for fitting. Stick the gasket approx 2 mm away from the bolt hole and press on lightly.
  • Do not butt the ends overlap them in front of a bolt (see fig. 1)
  • Tighten the lubricated bolts in opposite pairs. Since it is highly compressible only bolt pressure is required to seal. The lap joint deforms perfectly to give a reliable seal.
  • For delicate components such as glass flanges the gasket ends can be joined by cutting a step in each end of gasket.
  • FLEX-O-SEAL is easy to install, able to fill severe surface irregularities and reduces inventory of ready made gaskets, envelopes, etc. It has therefore taken its name as UNIVERSAL JOINT GASKET.
  • On irregular or damaged flanged surfaces, it is possible to build up with short length of FLEX-O-SEAL.
Standards Spools
Gasket Widthmm Thickness mm Spool length meter
3 1.5 30
5 2.0 20
7 2.5 15
10 3.0 8
14 5.0 5
17 6.0 5
20 7.0 5
25 10.0 5
Other sizes on request

All technical data and information is based on our experience to date. They represent the current state of our knowledge but assume no legal re-sponsibilities. The customers are asked to check these details since the performance of a seal can be judged only where all necessary operating data are available.