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PTFE Pure PTFE packing

PTFE Pure PTFE packing



A special all Chemical Packing manufactured from Pure PTFE Fibres having DUPLEX BRAID construction to increase dimensional stability treated with inert high temperature resisting lubricant to resist migration and to display compressibility and recovery characteristics. The packing is safe, more flexible, and non-toxic. Fluids can be sealed with a minimum of gland pressure, consequently there is less friction as well as heat build up. It is an inert, virtually indestructible packing, having a lower co-efficient of friction with good compressive strength.

Service:A good packing to seal against concentrated acids, alkali solutions, oils, corrosive gases, food -stuff and pharmaceutical industries. This packing is not recommended to use on molten metals and gaseous fluorine.


Temperature -200°C to 290°C
Pressure upto 350 Bar
PH 0 -1