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Ramie Graphite Packing

Ramie Graphite Packing




Ramie graphite packing is made from ramie fiber which is treated with special process and high-temperature lubricant. It’s an ideal gland packing to be used in sealing of ash-removing pump, sediment pump,boosterpump, and water feeding pump of power station,as well as high perssure slurry pump of oil field and fluid pumps of mine.

Application conditions:

1)Working temperature: -40°C ~ +140°C centigrade
2) Max. working pressure:3 Mpa(rotary pump)
Max. working pressure:5Mpa(reciprocating pump)
Max. working pressure:12Mpa(valve)
3)PH value:5-12
4) Linear speed: 10M/S(rotary pump)
Linear speed: 2M/S(reciprocating pump)
Linear speed: 2M/S(valve)
5) Cross Section: 1/8″ ~ 3″(3X3-75X75mm)
6) Density: 1.30 ~ 1.40g/cc