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Rustolene is a powerful rust dis-integrating solution. It is a quality product that has been a trusted for Rust removing for years. This is a multipurpose maintenance aid and significantly reduces the maintenance cost. It is specially formulated to fight rust, which makes it indispensable to industrial plant, factories and garages.

Overall Rustolene acts as a dis-integrator, dismantler, Lubricator, decarboniser & cleaner The active ingredients in Rustolene attack the point where rust and metal parts are bound together and consequently eliminate rust from the surface. It also penetrates the tightest of joints reaches between the finest of threads and enters the innermost points of inaccessible mechanisms


  • Used in industries for rust disintegration and lubrication for pipelines.
    *Opening of jammed nuts & bolts
    * Pipeline
    * Crushing & Grinding Equipments
    * Valves & Pumpset.
    * Motor Power Generators
    * Lifts, Crane, Hoists, Sprocket.
    * Storage Tank
    * Compressors 7 Blower
    * Heat exchangers.
  • Office Equipments
    * Type writer
    * Duplicator Machine
    * General Machines
  • Farm MAchines
    * Thressing Machine
    * Combine harvesters
    * Tractors
  • Automobile
    * Garages for cleaning of all metallic parts & Engine.



Appearance Clear liquid
Colour Reddish
Specific Gravity 0.84 -/+ 0.02 (at 30°C)
Flash Point 45°C(min)
Coverage 90m2/ltr