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Spitmaan Style 51 High Pressure

Spitmaan Style 51 High Pressure


Description: Manufactured from selected Asbestos Fibre and bonded with high grade binder compound, this product has a wide range of applications in the industrial field. Brown / Grey or Graphited finish.

Services: Recommended against steam, neutral non flammable gases, dyes alkalies, fats, oils, alcohols, motor fuels and such other engineering services, which do not warrant the use of as High Grade material such as SPITMAAN Style 54 super.

Identity Colour: Brown / Gray or Graphited


Technical Data
Recommended Maximum Temperature 440°C.
Recommended Maximum Pressure 80 kg/cm2.
Specification Compliance IS 2712 – 1998
IS 2712 – 1979 Grade W/2
IS 2712 – 1971 Grade B/S
BS 2815 – 1973 Grade B