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Spitmaan Style 54 Super Metallic

Spitmaan Style 54 Super Metallic


Description: A compressed Asbestos fibre jointing embedded with a strong reinforcement of steel wire gauze, The super metallic sheet is superior in performance over other forms of jointing sheets where severe physical conditions of high pressure and temperature have to be resisted. It is effectively used under rapidly changing operating conditions of pressure, were vibrations are experienced and where the flange of gasket joint is narrow.

Services: Used in diesel exhaust manifold, cylinder head gaskets, internal combustion engines, air compressors.

Identity Colour: Graphited Black

Technical Data
Recommended Maximum Temperature 600°C.
Recommended Maximum Pressure 160 kg/cm2.
Specification Compliance IS 2712 – 1979 Grade W/1
IS 2712 – 1971 Grade A/S
IBS 2815 – 1973 Grade A